The new website which asks Quizzes and if you answer them then you get recharge.
you will also get freebies like Headphones,T-shirts,Branded Deo etc for referring your friends 

First of all make an account on the website.   Click here to create a new account.

After this go to your dashboard .

Then go to play quiz :- click "Play now"

There will be question like this :-

Now if I choose the correct answer(Mohammad Iqbal)  see :- 

I get Only 2 paise for correct answer ,a feeble amount you earned and you cant go anywhere with that.

The real hack comes when you select the wrong answers :-

1.For this choose any wrong answer and click submit.

2.Choose another wrong answer and click submit.

3.Choose another(third) wrong answer and click submit.

4. And at last choose the correct answer ,and submit .
you just earned 3.5 paise instead of 2 .

Similarly play every question with this wrong attitude and you will surely earn more that when you chose the correct answer.

Note: This Trick has been outdated. kuizr changed it's quiz pattern

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