Hello Friends, As all of you know facebook is a great social networking website in which we’ll stay connected with our friends, family and other people. Sometimes due to wrong activities we get blocked from Facebook. When we get blocked, we can’t do anything in Facebook like can’t send friend request, message or anything else. There is a simple method to send message to any people in blocked period.

To send message to a person, we first have to know the username of the user. The username is like this

If you know it then follows these steps
1.       Go to your primary email id like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.
2.     Now compose a new message to techno2know@facebook.com (here username is the Facebook id of the receiver). That means you have to mail from your Gmail account.
3.     Now you will send your message to your any friend.

When any person sends a message to you on Facebook, Facebook will send a copy to your primary email id which you have provided in your profile. If you reply this email it’ll send to your friend. In that way this method will work

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