Truecaller is a global phone directory that makes is easy for people and business to get in touch around the globe.Before Truecaller, there was no easy way to find phone numbers unless you wanted to spend hours searching the web or asking friends. Truecaller’s users from all over the world enhance the service by sharing their contacts and together

here's the video how truecaller works:

But what about people who want to keep their identity secret?

When there is problem there is solution, removing your number from TrueCaller database. Interesting? Yes it is. How to execute? Track the steps:

  • Click this link http://www.truecaller.com/unlist
  • Page would open with a title UNLIST PHONE NUMBER
  • Select for your “Country”, feed in you “Phone number”, enter the “capcha code “, and click the “mail box” button on the right hand side.
  • Bingo! You have successfully unlisted you mobile number from true caller database.

To confirm
  • Go to true caller app
  • Enter you number in search
  • You would find a message “No matches found”

Your number would be unlisted within next 24 hours.
If you are smart enough and want your privacy only up to you then follow the above steps and get unlisted. Use the app at best when you lost your contact and thus with name being shown along with number you can get back in touch with a known person.

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