With the new Joomla release 3.2, things are now easier than never before in Joomla development and design services. Out of the many available open-sourced technologies available in the market, Joomla is becoming popular with each passing day. People are now implementing sophisticated technology to boost their online business. For this, they are not shunning away from hiring professionals with years of experience in web development. The services are also now available at more economical rates than before. The motive is always to build a website or customized it in a way so that it can attract more web traffic. More traffic means a better conversion rate and ensures profit for the business.

The new version enables the developers to perform a range of functionalities like extension installation by just one click and a module that ensures rapid application development. This biggest update till date in Joomla since its inception is drawing more developers towards this brilliant web developing tool. One can also go for custom developing Joomla by hiring skilled Joomla Developers from a reliable IT firm. Its soaring popularity is duly acknowledged by the business fraternity existing all over the world. But, before going into further detail, it is important to know what Joomla exactly is?

Know About Joomla
For those who are beginners in eCommerce, the best way to understand Joomla is to know that it is both an open source technology as well as a CMS system. It was founded in September 2005. However, there is no specific founder of Joomla as it is basically a collective effort of many people living all over the world. It can be downloaded easily from the web without paying a single penny. Millions of users have already done this to make the best use of Joomla features. Joomla is composed mainly in PHP and make use of object-oriented programming techniques.

Features Of Joomla

There are many brilliant features of Joomla because of which it is now the most sought after tool for web development across the world. Some of the features are highlighted below.

                    Enhanced user management
Registration and configuration of personal options is easier in Joomla. An authentication of each user is possible in this open source technology.

                    International Language support
The language manager attribute of Joomla ensure that a developer has an international language support. This proves very beneficial in case of an e-shop where a customer can be of any part of the world.

                    Easy content management  
This single feature of Joomla contributes much to its popularity. By using Joomla, a site owner can very well manage his or her own website content. He or she can integrate image with text in a hassle free manner.
Some of the other attributes of Joomla are management of newsfeed, excellent management of menu, etc. All these features allows developers to do the desired e-Commerce Integrations in a website in an easier manner.

Websites That Can Benefit From Joomla
Almost all kind of websites can reap the benefits by making use of the excellent features of Joomla. However, some the website types best suitable for Joomla development are given below.
•           Corporate websites
•           Online print media publications
•           Small-business websites  
•           NGO websites
•           E-Stores
•           Personal websites

Thus, anyone can have the maximum benefits of Joomla. To avail the E-Commerce Solution for Joomla, it is best to hire Joomla Developers with requisite expertise and experience. Easy navigation facilities and high website flexibility are achieved by Joomla development. Moreover, this also ensures that your website will perform better in the search engine page results.

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