This is a list of great little password manger to put on your Android phone, but you should also heed the warning that by putting your passwords into any format that saves them is also making them available for hackers. That is why you should do a little independent research as to the security level of any of the mangers you decide to choose.


This is a storage system that has free but limited access to its security functions. It works on a number of browsers too, and you can save your data to the cloud and on your device too. It is also quite a good backup manager for smaller pieces of information.


Despite having the word “droid” in it, it is not an Android exclusive manager. Clearly the designers have watched the Star Wars movies too often and now feel the need to add the word droid into things. The misleading name aside, it is actually a rather good password manager that allows you to save your passwords online and offline.

This is good because a lot of managers on the market seem to forget that we have things to sign into that are not based online. The manager is easy to use and has not added in complexity for the sake of it, so it is well worth a try.

aWallet Password Manager

This is a password management app that you can install as an app and then use to store your passwords. It does not have a particular specialty, which is good because a lot of people assume this tool is built for monetary websites but it can be used for all sorts and is most commonly used by people who have more than one email address (who doesn’t these days?).

They used a 256bit AES encryption, which according to them makes hacking the files within the app rather hard. As an extra measure you may set up an automatic lock, although your phone probably has an automatic lock if left idle, so it may be a superfluous function for most people.


This is a tool that works on a number of platforms, which may be good if you want to transfer your password database from one device to another. It allows you to keep your passwords save and also the details of other things such as credit cards and your personal identification.

It allows you to encrypt the passwords that you put onto it. It will cost you a yearly amount to use the tool, but the price is not too much.

Password Safe Pro

With this tool you may store your passwords and you may store other information that would allow you to make online purchases a lot easier. These are things such as credit card details and account information. It uses a 128 and 256 bits AES encryption.

It also allows you to self destruct your information by sending a text to instruct it to delete everything that is on the tool. It also has a hard data backup feature where you may use an SD card so that you can transfer your information from one device (Android phone) to another.

Universal Password manager

This is a free password storage program that allows you to store both your passwords and your user names. You may also store URLs to websites so you may connect to your online accounts in one simple step. It had a 128bit AES encryption which is going to put off a lot of hackers, and the tool itself has its own password so that others cannot get in and use it.

Free tools are sometimes a little suspicious, especially when saving your personal details, but just because you pay for a service it does not mean you are getting better security, so as mentioned in the introduction you should do a little independent research as to the security of the manager you decide to use.

Keeper Password & Data Vault

It has a sexy name which seems to sum up its function rather well. You may save your passwords into the manager, and you may also save a batch of other sensitive data. It works on more than just the Android, which many like because it works on web browsers on desktop computers. The marketing people say that it has military-grade encryption which would be more reassuring if autistic British people and Chinese spies had not already proved that military grade encryption is not all it is cracked up to be.

It does however have a self destruct function which is a very good feature because you can burn your personal information before other people have the chance to look at it. Its self destruct function and its security make it a good contender for your loyalty.

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