There are no magic tricks to Speed your slow internet , Some basics is enough for your Safe and Awesome Web Browsing Experience. The Computer is an machine which can do what we want to do, i mean we can easily control the things in it.

How to increase web browsing speed

There are some Easy ways to Speed your Slow internet and Web browsing.

1) Always Update your Browser

Regardless of speed, updating your browser will give you additional features to use on your computer, it will not allow any spyware, So it may give Positive effects on your internet experience.

2) Remove unwanted Toolbars and Extensions

The Toolbars which are useful only when its worth to have, So many times when you install a new software they will provide you a free toolbar to add on your browser and this will increase the browser weight. So Remove the Unwanted Toolbars and Extensions in your browser for smooth Surfing of your net

Note- You Cannot directly uninstall or remove Toolbars from Internet Explorer, since it is directly related to windows, So if you want to remove the add-on and Toolbars from Internet Explorer

Go to My computer > Control panel and you see the browser extension in your Listed programs, Click on it and just Uninstall it

3) Beaware of Spyware and Viruses

It is less known that virus will slow your Browsing speed, and you never know the Safety given by website holders when we visit them. So Try to update your Antivirus regularly and browse the Sites securely

Note- Some use two anti-virus softwares in single computer, never do like this, it will lead to your severe damage for your computer, Just use any one which is more secure for you

4) Clear Cookies and Cache regularly

This is simple, Delete the History and cookies of your browser which will give browser a fresh look, so that it will work faster than before and try to bookmark your favorite sites, because the bookmarks will load faster than normal query in your browser

5) Changing of DNS Server

The Trick is quite new to you, Whenever you are switched to an internet connection, the Internet service providers (ISP) assign an Domain Name Server (DNS) for your comfort, but often they are slow and restrict lot of sites to view

There are some Public domain Servers which can be utilized when you want to, Since google is a Big warehouse of Servers, there is no problem of clustering it gives you instant access and speed internet

For windows Xp

Go to Start > Control panel > network Connections >

Now Right click the Network Connections and Double click the Internet protocol address ( TCP/IP)

Use the Following DNS Server address which is given below

For Windows 7

Go to Start > Control panel > Network and Internet

Now right click on Network and Sharing center and Double click the Internet Protocol address

Use the similar DNS address which was given for Windows XP in the above

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6) Finally Try to use the facilities given by windows like " Diagnose and Repair " in Xp and " troubleshoot problems " in Windows 7

Just hover your mouse to the Network symbol in your task bar , click on it then open network sharing center and click on the troubleshoot problems, System will search for any errors if it is there it will rectify automatically

The above mentioned procedure is for windows 7, So Enhance your Browsing experience to Smoother and Safer with the above steps

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