Among all of the rest e-Learning platforms, with more than 30M students, Udemy has been one of the leading ones in this industry.

Why Udemy?
Udemy is the go-to place for both the students and the mentors to acquire or to share the knowledge. Udemy, themselves, run different campaigns offering the courses for the heavily discounted price. However, the mentors or instructors, too, do run their own free Udemy course coupon codes giveaways and discounts. All of those free Udemy courses coupons are curated and listed by the third-party websites.

However, despite legitimately getting the desired Udemy courses for free, there has been some problem regarding on how to download Udemy videos for free! To which, we are here again to address the issue and list all the possible methods to download videos from Udemy.

How to download Udemy videos for free?
According to Udemy officials, downloading Udemy videos directly to PC is kind of forbidden unless the instructor enables the downloading feature for that lecture. However, there are some software/tools to download Udemy videos for free. Moreover, here we will be sharing the legit methods to download the Udemy videos for free!

Disclosure: Though the Udemy officially supports downloading Udemy videos for free on Android and iOS, it doesn’t support for PC/Web version. So, the open-source tools are here to help you to download Udemy videos for free, but only you have paid for or obtained the paid Udemy courses for free in a legal way like applying Udemy 100% off coupons or promotional codes. Also, the open source tools were developed keeping the third world countries where internet speed are comparatively slow to stream the Udemy courses in an uninterrupted way!

Download Udemy Videos to PC or on web

To download Udemy Video to PC, actually, there are two methods discussed below!
Here we are sharing the genuine and legit ways on “how to download Udemy videos for free.” These methods are only applicable to download Udemy videos of the courses you’ve paid for, or you’ve enrolled into. This software can’t merely just download any paid Udemy courses for free.

To find the 100% off coupons or discount coupons for your favorite/desired Udemy courses and then only follow these methods!

Request for the download feature directly with the Instructor
Some of the instructors by default enable the feature to download Udemy videos for free. However, some might not. Moreover, in that case, you can request the instructor to enable the download feature to download Udemy courses. You can request the instructor by sending him/her message on Udemy.  Moreover, to send a message to the Instructor follow below steps:
  • Login into the Udemy and go to “My Courses.”
  • Click on your desired course for which you want to request with the instructor
  • Look for the “Overview” on the left side of the page, click on it and scroll down to the bottom to find the Instructors name
  • Click on the Instructor’s name, and you’ll be redirected to his/her profile page.
  • Tap on “Send Message,” and you’ll be redirected to your Inbox
  • Now compose a constructive message requesting to enable the download feature to download Udemy courses prepared by the instructor
Once the download feature for the course is enabled, you have to follow the below steps to download Udemy videos:
  • Play any Udemy courses you want to download the lecture from.
  • Set the video quality to the desired resolution you want to download in.
  • Click on “gear” icon and select “Download Lecture” to download Udemy videos for free.

Download Udemy Videos to PC using Open Source tools

There are mentionable open source tools to download Udemy Videos for free. One is which requires a little bit of python-language knowledge, and the other one is for general non-techie users.
Download Udemy videos to PC using Udeler
Udeler is an open-source tool to download Udemy Videos to PC without any need of coding knowledge. Udeler has both web version and standalone software version for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.
Using Udeler is easy and straightforward. For guidance, follow these simple steps to download Udemy videos to PC.
  • Visit the Github page for Download Udemy videos to PC using Udeler software.
  • Scroll to the “Download” sections and choose your corresponding platform to download the tool.
  • Install it.
  • The login page requesting for your Udemy login credentials will show up. Enter it.
  • Now all your courses are displayed.
  • Choose the download path, desired video quality and the download start point and end point, and save the settings.
  • Tap on the “download icon” and all the lectures videos of that course will be downloaded to your selected download path.
or, Use Udeler Web version:
Alternatively, you can directly head over to the web version of Download Udemy videos to PC using Udeler web version  and follow the steps below [see GIF below]:
  • Sign in on the web version with your Udemy login credentials
  • Click on the “Get Download Links”
  • A pop up for that course will appear and choose any of the lectures of Udemy videos you want to download.
  • You will get a download link for that lecture. If you have downloaders like IDM, Ant or any other, a dialog box will appear to confirm the download.
Many torrent websites offer to download paid Udemy courses for free, but we should not get encouraged to use those torrent websites. Rather than just visit the websites that give Udemy 100% off coupons courses to get the desired courses for free or for a discounted price.
Why shouldn’t we download Udemy videos for free from a torrent?
  • Because it’s unethical and illegal to download from torrent.
  • You are downloading Udemy paid videos for free without proper credit to the Instructor.
  • Unlike in the above mentioned white-hat method, you’re not enrolled in the courses, so you won’t be able to track the courses progress and updates.

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