Prisma! Probably, you are living in the rocks if you haven't heard of this word since a month. This sensationally popular photo filter app which has been first developed for iOS users, now, released its first version in Google Play Store for Android Smart Phone users.

It is a big relief to the users who are eagerly waiting for this app as Playstore has been littered with unauthentic photo manipulation apps named after "Prisma" since its popularity among social media.

It is reported that more than 400 million pictures are "Prismed" and over 10.6 million installs one done on iOS platforms.

Besides its popularity, there are a lot of complaints from the users about the app is that it is unresponsive at times. This might be caused by the server overload due to the particular cloud-based processing that Prisma uses.

Hopefully, Prisma developer(s) look after these issues and get users enjoy becoming their own artist! 

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