In most cases, there are a lot of bits and pieces involved for something to function. This is especially and absolutely true for a camera, analogue, digital cameras or SLRs, because it’s not just about the body and the lens. Otherwise, if your cameras do not have all the other things necessary for it to do its purpose, it will be incomplete. So, take note as you find out what to purchase next for your photography needs. Here are the top 5 must-have accessories for your cameras.

1. Tripod

Tripods are crucially important for your cameras. If you want to take pictures in either low or high angles without your photos being blurry (because your hands were too shaky to capture them), then a tripod is your savior. A camera tripod also enables you to tilt your camera upward and downward and pan right or left, and capture photos as sharp as you want them to appear. Additionally, there are different kinds of tripods depending on whether you have a digital camera, or more professional ones such as DSLRs. But along with this must-have, a ballhead is also important. It allows the camera to be firmly attached to the tripod with adjustability options.

2. Camera Battery

A camera battery is another essential camera accessory—a spare one, that is. When you ran out of juice shooting in a place where there are no power sources available, you would really need spare camera batteries. Whether you own point and shoot digital cameras, SLRs, or D-SLRs, just change your camera and insert your spare camera batteries, and you are ready to shoot again!

3. Camera Bag

We can all agree that this accessory should really be on this list. Without a camera cases, your camera will be exposed to things that may cause damage to it, as it does not have anything to protect it with. Not only that, you would not have any place to put all the other accessories you have. Your camera tripod, spare camera batteries, and all the other essentials, you just can’t place them in any kind of bag. This accessory also serves as an organizer for these things for your convenience.

4. Cleaning Equipment

Proper maintenance of your camera is a must. Without it, its performance will gradually deplete throughout the time of usage. To keep your camera at best condition, cleaning it regularly will greatly help. The cleaning equipment include: Lint free, anti-static, micro-fibre dust cloth for your lenses and screens, a blower brush for dust removal, pen brush to clean parts of the lens that are hard to reach, cleaning fluid for grease and smear removal, lens tissues and swabs.

5. Photography Books and Manuals

A manual is already included in every camera package. Digital cameras, SLR, D-SLRS, they all have them. These manuals is purposed to answer your needs and inquiries about the camera. It also mentions the accessories you would want to have such as those in this article (camera tripods, camera batteries, cleaning equipment, etc). Without them, you would not know how to operate your own gadget and may lead you to destroy it accidentally. Photography books are also essentials if you really want to take your cameras seriously, and more so professionally.

About the author: The author is a professional photographer who has had experience with several cameras and bags for various occasions such as wildlife photography while on safari in Africa.

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