The Cydia software is more known for working with the iOS, but there is a piece of software that creates a GUI that is used to root your Android. It does fail with some devices for a number of reasons. The manufacturers say that it can root up to 00% of your Android (if it works). Here is how you may root your Android with the Cydia Impactor.

A word of warning

Rooting any Android device is a direct contravention of your terms of agreement and any sort of warranty. If you root your device you lose any guarantees and any benefits associated with it. You put yourself at risk of causing permanent damage to the software and run a risk of creating security risks within your device.

Why do people root their Android?

People do it to have more control over their Android device. A common reason is so that people may back up their device and its systems. Most apps will allow you to back up your files, apps and phone/message entries and such. If you want to back up anything else or do a full backup then you need to use a certain type of app, and those types of app often demand that your device be rooted.

What is so special about the Cydia program?

The biggest perk is that it is safer than most. It is not 100% safe by any means, but if you fail via other methods then you are often left with damage. If you fail using the Cydia program then there is far less chance of permanent damage. There are also people who are able to fix bugs using the program.

This program is a universal Android rooter

The Cydia Impactor is also getting a reputation for being a universal Android rooter. It is said to be able to run on almost any Android device. There is no guarantee of success, but it is thought they have a higher success rate than most.

A step-by-step guide

  • You need to download the Cydia Impactor on to your PC or laptop desktop
  • The file comes as a package which you will have to use your PC or laptop tools to extract on to your PC or laptop desktop.
  • You may now run the Cydia Impactor program on your PC or laptop
  • Set your Android to enable USB debugging
  • On your Android go to “Settings” and to “Developer options” to enable USB debugging
  • Connect your computer to your Android via the USB cable
  • If it does not connect then you need to install the USB drivers
  • You may use an inbuilt Driver Scan function to construct and install a driver
  • Use Driver scan with the Scan Cydia Impactor
  • Now click on a start button
  • Make sure the # drop SuperSU to /system/xbin/su selections are selected on the program’s dropdown menu.
  • The tool will start to load up and complete a cycle
  • Your device should now be rooted
  • If you struggle then install something such as SuperSU
  • Programs such as SuperSU will help you manage your root permissions
  • Your device should be rooted which means any apps that demand a rooted device should now work.

Think about it before you root your device

The fact that this program has been created and that it is slightly safer than most does not necessarily make it a good idea to use. The choice is ultimately yours, but if you are rooting your Android out of fear then you are making a mistake.

For example, there are people rooting their androids to fix problems that do not exist. The “Master Key” exploit is one reason why people have started rooting their androids. The “Master Key” is supposed to be a piece of software than can break any Android operating system in the world. Is it really very likely that this exists? Is it really plausible that one of the biggest companies in the world left a major flaw in its program? Is it really plausible that a company that was built up and prospered through making programs has somehow left a design flaw so that a master key may be used?

Such things may happen in James Bond movies or in the Matrix, but it is not going to happen in this world unless Google are somehow looking to cease control of all Androids in the world with one master key, but if that’s the case then we only need worry about it when Apple have gone out of business.

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