Searching  old posts, status updates at facebook? Digging in facebook can be one solution, but it takes a long time and is really irritating. Alternatively, using Archivedbook application can retrieve them in a minute, then why just to waste time? In order to start retrieving watch the following steps.

First of all, type Archivedbook in search box, then click the very first result. Alternatively,  follow this link.

On entering the application, click the option Go to App.

Now, user will be taken to the main page of application where they need to click the option Read your profile history now.

On clicking the option Read your Profile history now, application asks  for permission to proceed where  clicking  Allow is required to provide access for Facebook profile information.

After clicking the option Allow, application starts its function, which might take some time to retrieve all the information. So,  be patient for a while and result will be displayed in following manner.

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