Hello Techno2know viewers.
Today i'm going to show you a extra-ordinary Facebook trick.
So, that your friend can't blame you if he sent you a message in facebook when you are chatting with your girlfriend...and you can't message him at that time

Some people doesn’t like to chat with all the friends at the same time.
For example let’s assume that your friend has send a massage as follows 

But you didn't reply to his message. When you meet him, he starts to scold that you didn't reply to his message. 

Facebook developers have recently introduced “message seen” facility. 
What is this Seen facility on Facebook?  .....

You have sent a message to your friend while chatting on Facebook, but you don’t know whether he/she read the massage or not. To recover this problem, Facebook developers have introduced this seen option. You can confirm whether he/she has read your massage or not with this seen facility. Really this is one of the useful facility on Facebook. But sometimes this facility gives irritations too.

Now we can disable seen facility on Facebook by using an extension on Google chrome.
But if you have already installed Facebook Unseen on your web browser, you can tell a small lie to him that “I didn't see your message yet”. If you have installed Facebook Unseen on your PC, your friends won’t know when you have “seen” their messages. 

Click here to Install Facebook Unseen

Alternative Facebook Unseen

After installation you can control seen facility as your wish. If you don’t want seen facility on your Facebook, you can simply disable this option by clicking Facebook Unseen ON.

If you want this facility again on your account you can get this by clicking Facebook Unseen OFF