There are different kinds of fan pages created by Facebook users for different purposes. But the main thing is we can't get Facebook likes easily to our pages from Facebook users. Mostly Facebook users gives their Like for unique pages only. I hope Facebook Fan Page admins can understand this.
And also by using this method you can get more Social network followers, pluses & likes such as Twitter followers, Google +, YouTube subscribers etc...

There are lots websites available on internet that allows you to exchange coins or credits for Facebook Likes.

How this exchange system works?

This exchange system is running under simple theory that you Like another members Facebook page and you'll earn some free coins or credits for the Like. Now you can get free Likes for your Facebook Pages by using free coins which you have earned.

Here i have mentioned some best Facebook Like Exchange sites below.
                      Simply register on above mentioned sites
                         LIKE other member's Facebook Page
                                          Earn Free Coins
        Get Free LIKE for your Facebook Page by using Coins

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