Hey guys,
Has anyone of you ever tried to see who’s online on Facebook while you go offline. I think you must have failed. Do you want to know how can it be done? Here’s a way to know who’s online when you are in offline mode. It’s not completely invisible mode as in invisible mode you can talk to some person while you are offline but in this if you want to talk to some person you have to go online.
Anyways knowing who’s online while you are offline is a big advantage.
To do this follow these simple steps :
1) The first step is to go offline on facebook chat. If you won’t go offline there’s no use of this app.
 2) Once you go offline, go to the search box on the top of your facebook page and type ONLINE NOW . Click on the first result that you get in the searchbox.

3) You must be seeing the facebook page of ONLINE NOW. Click on Go To App
4)thats it!!! You must be seeing all your online friends while you being offline on facebook chat.
Now if you want to talk to someone you can send him/her messages knowing that he/she is online.

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