Android as different security features of its the Lock Screen Pattern, Pin or Password to protect your  phone. what to do when you had forgotten the passwords or pin of your Android Lock Screen. 
How to Unlock Android Lock Screen Pattern

Don’t worry there is a  method to recover or reset the Forgotten password.
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This is the method which you can us, If you had forgotten your Google Account password on your Android device.
  • Please be aware that “Factory Reset” will delete all your Apps and Settings. 
  • Switch off the phone Now Switch on it in Recover mode. 
  • There are different options for different devices to enable the Recovery mode. So, it will be good if you search on Internet to know how to reboot into recovery mode in your device. 
  • In our phone it was (Volume Up+ Volume Down+Power Button )
Now after you enter into the recovery mode select Wipe Data / Factory Reset option. After sometime it will automatically reboot your device

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Alternative methods:

Recovery Email address

1) Go to your lock pattern, try it with your choices, after using your 5 trails, you may get the error message

2) You will get the " Forget Pattern " besides the Error message " you had incorrectly drawn your pattern 5 times, please try after 30 seconds "

3) Press the Forget pattern and it will open up an window which asks your Email address and Password of your Gmail which you used to synchronise your android device in the begining

4) Enter your credentials and you get the Options for Unlock your Pattern

Note- This can be used only when you know the email and password which was used for registering with the android device at first

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