With more than 1.1 billion people worldwide using Facebook, the next rapidly developing trend in the social networking revolution is accessibility of social pages via mobile device
So,by this we can know that Mobile has made access to Facebook much easier, but the social networking site has also become susceptible to attempted hijackings and attempted thefts on cell phones.

Simple tips to secure your FB account on mobile:

  • It has also been recommended to always keep a password or pattern on your phone so that you can protect your personnel information if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • It has also been recommended to never use a same password for email and Facebook accounts.
  • Always use a combination of “Alpha-Numeric + special characters” as a password, as it is tough to hack. Keep on changing your password from time to time.
  • Other things one can do to protect your account is to always use secure Browsing. Facebook has offered a secure browsing option.
  • Without an HTTP Secure (HTTPS) connection, your data is open to sneak attacks any time you use free Wi-Fi (i.e., in CCD, Malls, hotels, etc).Avoid unprotected Wi-Fi and use your provider’s 3G/4G service to prevent potential breaches.
  • Keep login notification enable on your phones so that when and where you access your account you will have all the details and If someone tries to hack your Facebook account you will get a notification on your phone. It will show you the time and location form where it had been used.
  • And if someone breaches your account, you’ll receive instructions for resetting your password and securing your account. Login approvals will ask you for a special code every time you try to access your account from a new device.
  • Only accept friend requests of known people on Facebook account. As “Strangers can be Hackers.” If you can’t access your account and you miss your security question or its answer, Facebook will send different codes to your friends. When you put them together, you can get back in.
  • This option is bit time taking but it’s a good last-ditch at getting into your account if it’s been compromised.

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