Alexaboostup offers a auto surfer which makes the process completely automated.
Follow the below simple steps to get started.
Go to AlexaBoostUp Sign up for a free account.

How AlexaBoostUp Works:

  • Basically using this service you have to visit other websites and they will visit back your website using Auto Surfer.
  • The visitors must install alexa toolbar on their browser so their visits will be counted by alexa.
  • The process is very simple yet very powerful to boost alexa ranking.
  • Once you signup for an account you will see a dashboard.
  • Enter your website url .
  • They allow you to enter any url it might be the homepage or any internal page.

How to Earn Points? 

  • Just open Launch Auto Surfer and it will automatically visit others websites and earn points.
  • The same points will be used to get visits from other users. 
  • The process is very transparent and you can track the number of visitors you get right from their dashboard. 
  • If you need more points then you can also purchase points right from their dashboard for very affordable price.
  • I highly recommend this option when you want to boost alexa super fast. 

Does this Really Work? Yes its working and tested by me personally.But I am not sure how long this service will remain because alexa can blacklist this traffic anytime when they notice this.However I will notify you if there are any changes in the service.

click here to create account: 

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