Most android users will face big problem about their privacy, i.e. they don't want to show their personal belongings like personal  photo’s, personal videos, personal text, etc to their friends/family members So, they hide them
Though there are many third party Applications to hide their files .
Most of those Applications (Hide It, Folder Hider Lite, File Hide Expert ) consumes a lot of battery power.

So, Today i'm going to tell you how to hide your personal files and folders without installing any application on your phone.
Follow these steps to hide folder or file
·        First of all Go to the file or folder that you want hide.
·        Long press file or folder that you want hide and select Rename.
·        Now just write a dot (.) at the starting of the file name before any other alphabet. (Ex : if your folder name is Music, then rename it to .Music and press OK.)
·        Now go to file manager and Select options and go to settings now unmark Show Hidden Files tab.

You’re done !!
Now  you can  check that the file/folder is hidden. You can unhide your file or folder anytime by renaming them again.

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