You may have sent lots of friend request to your friend on Facebook. But some of them get accepted while others will not. Sending friend requests when having so many pending requests will block your account. 
So, to be safe from getting blocked First you have to cancel all the unresponded friend requests sent by you .
we have to check who doesn't accepted our friend request
To check that
we can use a FB app named Pending Friend Requests.
It will simply show all pending requests and it will directly lead you the profile of the person you want to cancel friend request. So then track who didn't yet respond to your friend request this app will be very helpful to all of you.

First of all you have Log in with your Facebook account and go to https://apps.facebook.com/friendrequests/

Then click you can see there a text "Find Past Requests" click on that. You will redirected to another page
 Now click on Get Friend Request Data, just wait some seconds and you can see windows pop out, copy all those texts in in the window by pressing ctrl+A or with your mouse and paste it into the box below and then click on load past requests to see how many numbers of pending requests you have and who are those persons.
In a new Page it will show all pending friend requests
Now you can cancel any pending request by clicking on cancel request, By click cancel request you will be reloaded into that person's profile and you can cancel pending request from there.

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