In the automobile technology world, the latest advancement is regarded to be only as good as the next thing which is just coming down the line. There are constantly new technologies being brought forward in the auto industry mainly for the following:-
Just innovation 

A large number of the new car gadgets are either built specifically for safety or they are safety oriented. The latest gadget innovations for cars mentioned here are truly exciting technologies. We might not know what exactly is in store for the future car but what we know for sure is that based on the most current inventions and what's with our cars on the roads today, the future is indeed bright. A number of these gadgets can be found in high end Aston Martin, Bentley, Daimler, Land Rover, Honda, Nissan, Toyota are some of the car brands with these latest gadgets.

Magellan SmartGPS

 This is a unique featured navigation system which helps you synchronize the systems in your phone together with the car.
Its main advantage is that you will be able to accurately set more routes which are difficult to maneuverer during your spare time, thus adding way points therefore making the process less stressful.

This gadget is mostly found in high-end BMW and Lexus

SuperTooth HD 
    This is a high-end hands-free speakerphone which attached to your car connecting over your Bluetooth.   
   It picks up sounds from the radio for clarity.
   Its voice recognition software facilitates Bluetooth connection therefore you can take calls with your voice.
   It’s mostly found in German cars like BMW and Mercedes

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics 
This device helps you understand any problems in your car.
ODB port should first be located on your car where the gadget should be plugged.

It is also a good security device because as you use the linked mobile application, you will be able to perform the following tasks: - opening and closing your car, opening the trunk, and most important of all setting a geo-fence warning you when your car is out of your desired range. .         

Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMTHD 
 Garmin is like a built-in navigation system but what sets it apart from the others that it has a more genuine language approach.

 This means that while driving, the gadget can locate where to get fuel refill when you ran low making it more instinctive thus helpful especially when it names streets and distances to be covered.

Cobra I Radar Atom

This is a radar detector which is capable of connecting to your mobile phone and monitor police radars within your location.
If you over speed it alerts you to slow down

Most importantly, it enables you to share speed trap location with other users via the community portal.

Gadgets for cars are numerous and it can prove difficult to get exactly what you want especially without proper guidance. For more information Dvla Contact is the best place

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