As you know Facebook is the world number one Social networking site which connects millions of people daily!Today i'm going to reveal a excellent trick in facebook.
it has many excellent features  and some of them are annoying!

Go Offline to chat! (Invisible Mode)
then here i'm going to show how to find out invisible friends
Method 1:
It is not very effective approach but is the simple trick to find invisible friend.
Send a message  if he read a message it shows a message”Seen”  that the message is seen by your friend.
But there are some applications to remove seen notification from facebook?
So,what if he uses that application?
Another one!
There is a Ticker at extreme right of your wall...there you will see latest updates just like your friend comments/likes/shares any post.These figures you to confirm that he is online but he is offline to chat.

Best Method:
but what if the user stay idle and just scrolling down the wall?
and you want to know whether he/she is online
here come...
there is a  application (Sneaky online) that will help you to figure out the friends who are logged into facebook but kept offline.


Follow the procedure to detect offline friends

1. First goto this app and authorize it.
2. Then this app will show the list of friends who are online though they kept offline 

Thats it!
hope you like this trick
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Thanks For reading.

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