Let’s admit this that online merchants are constantly feeling the heat of competition. New marketing strategies get devised almost daily to propel the business. People are now using mobile devices more than they do ever before. Their fingers are continually running over mobile’s smart swift screen to browse the web. The new era is thus for mobile shopping. This seems more convenient and why not after all they are exploring the world of possibilities by just a handheld device.

A website design for mobile ensures that the users will get to visualize a website in a smooth manner irrespective of their screen size. Earlier, if the screen size of a mobile phone is smaller then it becomes a tough task to read the content. The image also does not appear over the screen in a good resolution. Some online merchants also use responsive design for mobile to solve this problem.

Since most of the online retailers have their own e-stores, this certainly affects their business. A consumer may get highly annoyed after not been able to read any information from a certain website on his or her mobile device. The goal of all companies is always to create and retain customer base by providing them 100% satisfaction through their services and products, such marketing clinches cost dearly. Hence, much emphasis is now given on the compatibility of a website design on other devices other than desktop. Let’s know some of the reasons that drive a businessman for choosing this design.

Fast loading

The life today is fast paced and everyone loves speed. So, why a user will have to wait for a website to get load? People are simply not willing to wait; they simply opt for other website that loads faster. This has been proved by many research studies on behavior of mobile users that almost a whopping 40% of the users just leave a web page due to its slow loading process. A web designing in accordance to mobile devices ensures fast loading. 

Customer Retention

This is in fact one of the key reasons of people switching to have a responsive design. This allows the retailers to add more functionality for their customers. It becomes possible to make special offers and discount coupons for the customers in a easy manner by such design. Many people today tailor made their websites according to mobile design to impart best customer experience. This is more targeted for smartphone users as their number is increasing with each passing day. Such little things matters a lot for a customer.

Fast Checkout Facility

Does not this seems very frustrating to re-enter all the confidential information pertaining to your credit card for payment after choosing the items in a shopping cart? People just abandon the idea of buying anything from a website if the check-out is too lengthy or cumbersome. The websites whose design is more optimized for mobile phones have quick and easy check-out facility for the sake of convenience. This keeps a customer happy and motivates to shop more frequently also.
Apart from these, there are many other reasons too like better conversion rate due to excellent and enhanced mobile experience. Whatever may be the reason, the matter is that mobile optimized websites is currently in the trend and there is absolutely no disadvantage of this designing. People earlier hire designers for responsive design and now they are going after designers who can design brilliantly for specific mobile types. The visual appeal of such mobile optimized designs remains unmatched. There are many IT companies that are currently offering this service at economical rates.

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