A dead website would have no meaning for your visitors. Although, technically speaking a website is an inanimate item but treating it in the same fashion would not fetch you any business. These days, visitors enjoy coming and sticking around on a website that is more lively, compelling and has the necessary ingredients to keep them engaged. This is where the web design plays an imperative role. Sites that acknowledge the fact that they are meant for human beings in other words they are interactive seem to go a long way and have a positive impact.

As a simple formula, work on a human compatibleweb design and you will see your website surviving and thriving more that you may have ever anticipated. Two way communications on the internet is of utmost importance irrespective of the fact what may be the nature of your business. Traits of such websites would include key items like rich storytelling, high degree of engagement, deep inspiration and respect for any site visitor.

Respect plays a role more than you can ever imagine!!
Give it some thought and try to find out what do people want in life? One item that tops the list is respect… yes they want to be respected! This also holds good for your site visitors. This is where your web design would play a crucial role as your website should have the ability to understand the needs of your visitors.

For you to be a successful designer, your aim should be to understand the demographics of your site visitors. You would need to spend quality time just to figure out who are your customers and what is it that really like. Only then would you be able to come up with a compelling web design that is meant for humans.

Effective storytelling can play a crucial role
You may have noticed this but humans love to hear stories so it’s of no surprise if you inculcate a design that encourages rich storytelling. Websites like for instance news sites do this all the time. At the end of it they would want to involve and engage as many visitors as possible. Another instance could be things like ‘breaking news’ which is handled by not just publishing an article but also to support the content with latest videos and dramatic images. Such websites also tend to be linking out to several other websites thus offering the visitor plenty of choices. All of this is based on offering a rich storytelling experience to the visitor and a reason for them to engage.

Look for ways to engage site visitors
Websites can be termed as successful if they have the power to engage audiences. Heavy engagement involves a reason for your visitors to stick around and come visit your website on a more regular basis. If you can offer a solid reason for them to stick around then you are in business.

Let’s take YouTube for instance. The website is so simple but the concept is very strong. As a human being you can get to watch any video clip of your choice and as per your interest level. For obvious reasons you have a solid motive to be engaged on such a website. Not only do you watch videos but you can also upload your own video for others to see and this in turn encourages heavy engagement.

Create a sense of inspiration
At times, designers seem to be narrow minded and tend to come up with a web design that has no reason for inspiration. They would just focus on branding stuff like logos, colors and trademark. To a certain extent they may be right but the website would have no meaning for your visitors in the real world.

A well thought of web design will always reinforce your brand identity and would use the brand elements to inspire your site visitors. Do try to make people understand your brand and try to give them what they need. Take for instance Disney. They know what people want and why them come and visit their site. In addition to brand they would offer a solid reason for repeat visitors.

As a source of inspiration, offer a strong story, get your visitors involved and engage them. Try not to frustrate your visitors and always ensure your site offers much more than what your visitor would expect. Keep the web design simple yet effective for humans and see how you can create an impact.

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